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2nd Jun 2023

Whole Dog Care – by Lisa McCabe

Hello there, I’m Lisa, Chief Crazy Dog Lady here at Whole Dog Care

My mission is to help you care for your dog as naturally as possible and save money

Why would you want to use natural products on your dog?

The simple answer is that they are much better for your dog’s body and vitality overall

Modern medicine is of course wonderful, however some of the chemicals and additives used can be harmful to our dogs over time and can cause side effects, so if there is a natural alternative, it makes sense to use it

And of course, plant based medicines and remedies are much better for our planet, why use a flea and tick treatment which is full of chemicals, when you could just as easily use a natural, plant based alternative

Now, I’m not some sort of quack, if I feel that your dog needs to be seen by a vet and requires medication, then I will of course advise that action, however all of the Whole Dog Care blends and holistic healing methods can be used and implemented alongside veterinary care and medications

This will help your dog to relax and promote healing from the inside out

Every product is hand blended with a careful blend of essential oils, giving you complete peace of mind that no harsh chemicals are used

Plant based medicine dates back to the Ancient Egyptians, although it is thought to be older than that, so these methods have been used for 1000’s of years and I always say if essential oils such as Myrrh and Lavender were good enough for the likes of Jesus and Cleopatra, then they are definitely good enough for our beloved dogs

With over 15 years’ experience of working with dogs in a professional capacity and a dog owner myself, I want to give you the confidence and complete peace of mind that you can care for your dog on your terms

As a qualified Aromatherapist, Dog Massage Therapist, Reiki Grand Master and Animal Healer, with training in dog psychology and behaviour, I identified a gap in the market for quality natural dog care that not only serves day to day but also longer term health benefits too

Whole Dog Care offers a range of every day care products for your dog from Flea and Tick and Stinky Dog to Ear Cleaner and Joint Ease, there is also online and in person courses teaching you easy dog massage techniques and basic energy healing, which you can do at home with your dog to increase your bond and boost their immune system at the same time and there is the Dog Health Clinic if your dog requires a bespoke blend to aid a certain condition

Empowering dog owners is at the very core of everything I do here at Whole Dog Care, as having healthy happy dogs all round is what we all strive for

With this in mind every month, as well as a product highlight, I will also be bringing you my Dog Days Out Blog series

This is designed to give you already tried and tested, fantastic ideas for fun days out with your dog

The area, terrain and facilities will all be tested and scrutinised by myself and my 3 dogs; Ziggy, Zane and Zak

Only the very best locations will make it and be reported back to you, where I will then encourage you and your dog to give it a go and give us some feedback on how you found it

Holidays with our dogs are just fabulous, so I will also be trying out dog friendly locations to holiday with your dog too

In order to keep our dogs as healthy and as happy as can be, we must consider the “Whole Dog” that is the Mind, Body and Spirit

If one of these areas is out of sync, then we can invite illness in, so the Whole Dog Care products are designed to keep your dog’s body as naturally healthy as possible

The Massage and Energy healing courses are of course targeted at the physical body too, however these can greatly affect the mind and spirit

It goes without saying that dogs love to explore the outdoors, so the Dog Days Out series will ensure all 3 areas are sufficiently topped up, helping you to give your dog the best possible life

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out via email or on FB, Insta, YouTube and Tik Tok @wholedogcare

Our new website is not quite live yet, however if you’d like to join our mailing list to be first to receive all our news and gain 10% off your first order, please sign up at

Going forward every order will ensure a donation to Greyhound Awareness League, which is a fabulous charity and we also plant a tree for every order received too, not only ensuring that as a business Whole Dog Care is carbon neutral but collectively we are helping to protect the planet for future generations of dogs to enjoy

See you on the next Blog;

Lisa, Ziggy, Zane and Zak xxxx

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