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We are here to shine a light on you and your business

Welcome to the home of The Glow Club, Glasgow’s leading business membership for female founders, career women, and ladies aspiring to transform a hobby into a scalable hustle. If you seek robust support, comprehensive training, amplified brand recognition and to be part of a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and women in business, then we couldn’t be happier to connect and you have absolutely come to the right place.

At The Glow Club we work with hundreds of women from Glasgow and across Scotland, from an array of industries, to support them with their business goals. So whether you have just set out on your business journey, or you have a focus on growth – we have you covered and we can guarantee that within the shiny surrounds of The Glow Club membership, you will find your business wingwomen, whilst having fun and rising together.

Alongside our membership, to which we have three options, there are various other ways in which you can engage with The Glow Club via our events and community. Read on to discover more about what we have to offer…

We can help your business Grow and Glow


We run monthly in-person and virtual speed networking sessions alongside activity-based networking too.


Where we can chat to inspirational humans and business owners. Send us your pitch if you would like to be a guest!


Our free community, where business owners can shout about what they do every week to over 43K women from Glasgow and beyond.

Glow up

Book a business Glow up. Think of this as your marketing MOT, where we deep dive into your business branding and marketing strategy and provide an actionable plan that will take you to the next level.


Every week we run free weekly in-person coworking days for our members (with free tea and coffee included). And this year we are set to launch virtual coworking and accountability sessions via the ‘glow room’ too.


Where the magic happens.

Hello, I’m Laura Maginess, founder of The Glow Club and Glasglow Girls Club

The fundamental elements of this business membership were created based on the pain points I experienced as a new business owner. Loneliness, imposter syndrome, lack of support, feeling invisible, issues with procrastination, accountability and being scared to sell (yes you read that right, a marketing specialist of 15 years who was scared to sell her own product). My mission is to nurture this business community to be the best that it can be and support women to grow + glow, be that professionally and personally after battling my own struggles with limiting self-beliefs, which I believe held me back from being my own boss for a whole decade. Community when broken down is ‘common unity’ after all and I truly believe that as women we all rise together.

It’s your time to shine with The Glow Club membership

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