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We are here to help you forge friendships, try new things, have fun and feel amazing along the way!

Welcome to the home of The GGC Social Club, Glasgow’s only multi-faceted social club created for ALL women from our city and beyond. We are consciousness raising. And it is our pledge to you that if you show up for this membership (and make use of even half of the benefits on offer), it will impact your life and social circles in the best of ways.

The Glow Manifesto

Hello I am Laura Maginess and I am here to tell you that the Glasglow Girls Club Social Club membership came about from my love of women.

The love of what we can achieve when surrounded by women who are ready to rise together (and have a lot of fun along the way)

Our Social Club has been known to challenge our members’ comfort zones, but sometimes it is just what you need for someone to give you a gentle nudge out of it isn’t it? From standing on a paddle board on Loch Lomond, to attending events on your own (albeit until you walk through the door and are surrounded by fellow members who will make you feel at ease), or trying to master a language that has long been on the New Year’s resolution list – this membership packs a punch and there is nothing else quite like it in Glasgow.

It’s your time to shine with our Social Club Membership

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