The GLASGLOW GIRLS CLUB is a member’s website like no other. Scotland’s largest, and dare we say most stylish, city has so much to offer and we’ve unlocked the very best of it for our members. But it’s not all about exclusive deals and discounts (trust us though, what we have is great), this club is so much more than that. It is about bringing women from Glasgow and the surrounding areas together, getting them out and about and experiencing their best lives in Glasgow. From exclusive workshops (some free, some with small cost), complimentary weekly online fitness classes, access to our members only book club  and discounts on events like our Rooftop Brunch Club and Walking Club - being part of this community assures you get first dibs! What’s more, with opportunities to contribute to our quarterly digital magazine, YouTube and blog content, becoming a member may just help you to achieve some of your own personal goals. We are a thriving collective, so join today and live your life the GGC way.

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