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A social club for women who are ready to Grow + Glow

Welcome to the home of The GGC Social Club, Glasgow’s only multi-faceted social club created for ALL women from our city and beyond.  We are consciousness-raising. It is our pledge to you that if you show up for this membership (and make use of even half of the benefits on offer), it will impact your life and social circles in the best of ways.

We are here to help you forge friendships, try new things, have fun and feel amazing along the way!

Would you invest £2.10 in yourself every week?

Would you invest £2.10* in yourself every week if you knew for that money you would enjoy access to:

And’s that not to mention the random freebies from partner brands, exclusive event invites, early access (with discounted tickets) to the main GGC events like The Rooftop Brunch Club and On Yersel Sessions.

*Calculated based on the cost of our monthly social club membership subscription

Hello I am Laura Maginess and I am here to tell you that the Glasglow Girls Club Social Club membership came about from my love of women.

The love of what we can achieve when surrounded by like-minded ladies who are ready to rise together (and have a lot of fun along the way)

Our Social Club has been known to challenge our members’ comfort zones, but sometimes that’s just what we all need, isn’t it? For someone to give you a gentle nudge to try something new, which albeit a little nail-biting at times, can ultimately lead to personal growth. From standing on a paddle board on Loch Lomond, to attending events on your own (until you walk through the door and are surrounded by fellow members who will make you feel at ease), or trying to master a language that has long been on the New Year’s resolution list – this membership packs a punch and there is nothing else quite like it in Glasgow.


There is so much available with the membership, what if I cannot take advantage of it all?

We honestly don't expect any member to be able to take advantage of it all, especially not in real-time. There is genuinely so much happening with it! Life is super busy and we also appreciate that we have a broad spectrum of exclusive content and styles of events happening. But we want to give you our all, so this membership is jam-packed full of value and hopefully encourages you to try new things. All of our virtual events are recorded and can be watched back at any time and as a new member you also get access to our back catalogue of curated content covering all things from yoga classes to empowerment workshops.

Is the membership accessible?

This is a focus of our business. We are currently working with one of our amazing business members to ensure the membership is accessible to women who are deaf or hard of hearing. When it comes to the venues for our events, our aim is to opt for locations that have wheelchair access too and we are also looking into other types of accessibility challenges to do our upmost to ensure as many ladies as possible can get involved. If you would like to chat about any part of the membership further with regards to accessibility, please email the team:

I see you also have a business membership. I have a business would that mean I have to purchase both memberships to enjoy it all?

Absolutely not, in this case we would recommend going for our business membership option as with that you get access to both the business and social club benefits.

Can I come to events alone?

Yes please! The majority of our members do. This club is all about making new friends and so coming alone to our get togethers is very much so encouraged. We assure when you get there, you will no longer feel alone, but rather you will be surrounded by a tribe of new friends.

I am worried I might not fit in?

Please do not make this a worry. The Social Club is jam-packed full of amazing women from every age and stage of life. We welcome ALL women with open arms!

Do you need to have Facebook to enjoy the membership?

You can enjoy every benefit of the membership without Facebook, with the exception of being part of the closed community and joining the conversation in that. All our live clinics/ masterclasses are recorded and later added to the media hub, which all members can access when logged into their accounts. We have members who have Facebook just to be in the community, so it is totally up to you!

All the GGC benefits for £8.40 per month

The GGC Social Club membership is just £8.40 per month or you can enjoy a pay-in-full discount at £68.40 per year (both these costs include VAT). That is the equivalent of just £2.10 per week (or around 30p per day) if you go for the monthly option, or just £1.32 per week (or 19p per day) if you opt for the yearly. When we put it like that, we hope that this seems like a worthy and accessible investment into your personal growth and social circle. And we know that if you use just some of the benefits of this membership, it will have a truly positive impact on your life.

Ready to join?

Simply fill in your details below and you’ll have immediate access to your website membership account, then download our members only app via the Apple or Android store to start using your exclusive deals! We will be in touch shortly after sign up to take you through the membership benefits to ensure you are enjoying them from the get go.

Links to the app will be emailed directly after sign up (please check your junk folder if you cannot see this email)

Please note both subscriptions will automatically renew unless cancelled (which can be easily done when you are logged in).

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