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The price for membership is £147.00 per Year.

Welcome to GGC Business. It’s time to GROW + GLOW!

Imagine you found a Business Club that supported the growth of your business or indeed nurtured the launch of it? Imagine that same community helped you to grow your networks with ease, removed the loneliness business owners often feel, helped you to attract your ideal client and kept you accountable to your goals – so you are always levelling up.

Sound good?

Here are some of the reasons Scottish business owners, career gals and women who have a business idea – but are unsure what to do next – love GGC Business:

Awareness – Did you know your ideal client has to see a brand 27 times before they make a purchase decision? We appreciate for many business owners this presents a massive challenge. With your GGC Business Membership we offer a wide array of promotional opportunities as part of the vast array of benefits, including listings on our website and app, email features, insta story takeovers, additional posting days in our main Facebook Group (30K members) and the opportunities to host lives in our ever-growing Facebook communities. Members also enjoy 20% off additional advertising, like podcast interviews, vlogs, digital magazine and gift guides features and more.

Support + Community – Our private Facebook Group is where the magic happens, collaborations are created and connections are made. Add to that our free events (some virtual, some in real life), weekly co-working sessions, regular brainstorming opportunities and confidence-building initiatives and this could be the business tribe you have been looking for to make you feel supported and positively challenged – like you have a team around you again.

Training – Regular upskilling and learning not only helps to keep imposter syndrome away, but it supports a healthy mindset and can assist with confidence in a variety of business situations. For knowledge truly is power! In GGC Business we host training every Tuesday and monthly Glow Group panellist events on an array of business topics. These are recorded and are saved in our Media Hub to be watched back whenever is convenient to you.  We have 3 years of curated content ready to be watched!

Offers – Do you feel like your investment budget is blown in a blink of an eye? We get it. Regardless of the stage of your business, the need to invest is always there. With our membership you can make savings on a wealth of business wants and needs to help extend that budget a little. From lawyers, HR and marketing, to social media management, photography, designers and more. You also enjoy the member benefits at the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce and you can take advantage of a 6-month FREE trial of UMi (which comes with a business advisor and digital health check option, alongside access to factsheets and information galore on most aspects of business).

Our Accountability & Growth Programme – Did you know business owners with an accountability partner can be up to 95% more successful in achieving their goals? Created in collaboration with Heather Offord, founder of One4Growth, our Accountability & Growth programme sees GGC Business partner you up with a fellow member to encourage and support you in reaching your business goals. The programme also includes monthly lives and a quarterly real-life event focusing upon business growth.


Q: I can see you already have a deal/ live with someone from my industry, does that rule me out from a membership?
A: Absolutely not, we already have business owners in the community offering the same/ product or service and they are very supportive of each other. Remember that people buy people and because business owners are so diverse from each other (regardless of whether they have the same ideal client or offering) there is always room for everyone. All Business Members have access to the same benefits so you would enjoy listings and the opportunity to host lives to platform you as the expert you are.

Q: I own multiple businesses, can I list them all?
A: Yes absolutely!

Q: Do I have to live in Glasgow to benefit from the membership?
A: The membership benefits are relevant to any businesswomen from around the UK, the only difference is that any awareness campaigns created for you would be most visible to our predominately Scottish audience and our real life events are currently all hosted in Glasgow (but we could provide virtual access to these if that would be of interest)

Q: I also really like the sound of your Social Club/ Personal Membership, do I need to buy that separately to enjoy the free fitness classes, book club, events etc?
A: No, we have some very good news! As a Business Club Member you benefit from all the perks of the Personal Membership too. We appreciate that balance and having fun is so important in life and it can also aid in the success in your working life and so that is why you get it all!!


The GGC Business Club membership is £17 per month or you can enjoy a pay-in-full discount at £147 per year. 

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