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30th Apr 2024

Meet The Vendor: Stephanie Gallen Millinery @ Braehead Wedding Exhibition 2024

Could you please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your background in the wedding industry? 

I’m Stephanie, milliner (and everything else) at Stephanie Gallen Millinery.  I first started studying millinery at Glasgow Metropolitan (now City of Glasgow College) in 2010, purely as a leisure pursuit.  I never intended to make a business out of it, but that’s how it turned out.  The business has been going for over 11 years now, and has been my full time job for 7 years now, with the first 4 years running alongside my then “proper job”. 


What inspired you to become involved in the wedding industry and participate in events like the Braehead Wedding Exhibition? 

I love hats – and vintage styling, and as hat wearing isn’t quite as popular as it was 100 years ago, what better industry to be involved in than weddings, where (almost) everyone takes the opportunity to don a headpiece. 


Can you share with us what your company specializes in or what products/services you offer for couples planning their wedding?

I offer bespoke millinery, designed to complement not only your outfit, but your personality and personal style.  I also offer hat hire which allows everyone to wear a piece of unique handcrafted millinery without having to splurge on a bespoke hat, this also caters for the customer who knows they’re not going to wear the hat again.  Not all customers who come to see me are delighted at the prospect of wearing a hat to their son/daughter’s etc wedding.  I take pride in being able to make those customers look fabulous, and more importantly, feel wonderful about themselves once they have the right piece for them. 


Finally, why should couples make it a priority to visit your booth/table at the Braehead Wedding Exhibition? What can they expect from your booth/table? Any special features or exclusive offers they should know about? 

Any mums, aunties, grans, relatives who might be considering wearing a hat to the big day, can come along and try on whatever they want from the selection of hat I bring, and /or make an appointment to come and try on from our full selection. 


Find out more about Stephanie Gallen Millinery and all they have to offer at Stephanie Gallen Millinery

Grab tickets for the Braehead Wedding Exhibition to see Stephanie and others here.

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