‘Meet The Member’ is our blog series where we get to know the members of our business club a little better. In this post, we catch up with Talitha Joy Cooling, JOY

Name, business name
Talitha Joy Cooling, JOY

Tell us about your businesses, the inspiration behind it and when you launched it?
I help women navigate their cycles, I’m a postnatal Doula and that’s when I decided I needed a job in this field.

I came off the pill 10 years ago and had no idea what to do with thr state of my cycle, so I found myself looking for alternative medicine and healing as I was in a lot of pain and had no education around my body and Fertility. I realised I needed to get educated and help others navigate it too.

Fast forward to now, I have had my business for going on 4 years this summer. I now specialise in lots of complex womb issues as well as helping lots of clients understand their hormones and Fertility.

Best piece of advice you were given at the start of your business journey?
Listen to your gut, in my case, my womb!

What has been your biggest lesson/ challenge faced so far and how did you overcome it?
That’s a big one! Going my own way and sticking to my niche. When I started, I had no faith that I’d make any money, but really listening to my message and mission.

What is your number 1 business tip for success?
Pivot! When something doesn’t work out, pivot.

What are the big business goals for 2023?
Growing my community and collaboration with other likeminded businesses.

How can the GGC Business membership help?
Wider reach and word of mouth.

What’s the dream?
Highland retreat centre for wellness womb work

Fave mantra to get you buzzed up for business
I listen to my womb

Shout out to another local business you admire?
Elemental flow, luna tattoos, sashas make up and nails

Offer for GGC website members?
£20 off any 90 min or abdominal first appointment

        You can find out more about Talitha here