‘Meet The Member’ is our blog series where we get to know the members of our business club a little better. In this post, we catch up with Ruth Heath – Eat Sleep Colour

Name, business name
Ruth Heath – Eat Sleep Colour
Tell us about your businesses, the inspiration behind it and when you launched it?
Interiors was always in the background and I was looking to have a career with something more creative. I did a screen printing course a while ago and it was like a light bulb moment. Launched a blog about colours and decided to study interior design. I’ve always loved colours and feel I have a natural eye on picking the right colours for the right space. My mum also had a great eye for colours. That’s how eat sleep colour came about. I also wanted to launch a design service that people could afford and make a real difference to someone who struggles bringing it all together. So this year eat sleep colour started offering packages from £199 per room. A story for every space.
Best piece of advice you were given at the start of your business journey?
Switch off listening to lots of voices and opinions. Listen to your voice and don’t overshare what you’re doing. I loved this as it helped me keep moving forward and listen to my gut.
What has been your biggest lesson/ challenge faced so far and how did you overcome it?
Sales. I come from a digital marketing background and hadn’t realised how selling what I do would make me so nervous. I also felt I didn’t know how to convert a lead. So I went to a networking event and spoke to a lady who helped me see how I could improve this part and develop a process. What also helped was me doing some research with competitors to see how they approached things. This helped a lot and also a bit like a bike. You have to keep trying, get back on and I’ve noticed the more I do it the less nervous I’m getting.
What is your number 1 business tip for success?
Consistency. Even when you’re not feeling it and you have a low moment. I’ve just been placed on HRT which has helped me feel more like myself and I’ve learnt that I have to keep showing up. I can tell now when someone might be a client as they always talk about how they love my Instagram. Hearing this has helped me consistently show up as I’ve realised this has helped me gain clients.
What are the big business goals for 2024?
For me this year is all about gaining awareness of the home packages I offer and working with some lovely new clients.
How can the GGC Business membership help?
For me I realised the support would be great and the community. It’s lovely to feel you can share your views with other ladies who have businesses. I also thought the Glasgow community would be great for me to share what I do.
What’s the dream?
The dream is to grow the business and eventually open a shop with products and run workshops from. I always wanted to have a friendly brand and a shop where people can come learn, shop and meet with clients. That’s the dream!
Fave mantra to get you buzzed up for business
‘Stay hungry, stay foolish.’ Stay hungry for what you love and stay foolish as you never know what you can learn along the way. Thanks Steve Jobs, who was right do something that you love.
Shout out to another local business you admire? I love Bluebellgray. I used to work in marketing at Dobbies and discovered Bluebellgray when I worked there and she also worked there too. I love her sense of colour and she went to do something that she loved.
Offer for GGC website members?
£30 off all home packages for all GGC members.

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