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9th May 2024

Meet the Member – Nahomie Hann, Esquisse Intime Boudoir Photography

‘Meet The Member’ is our blog series where we get to know the members of our business club a little better. In this post, we catch up with Nahomie Hann, Esquisse Intime Boudoir Photography


Name, business name:

My name is Nahomie and I run Esquisse Intime, a Boudoir photography experience with French inspiration.


Tell us about your businesses, the inspiration behind it and when you launched it?

I have been a photographer for over ten years now. I used to specialise in Birth, Maternity and newborn photography as well as documentary. I have always drawn on from where I was in life and this aligned with my motherhood journey. I took a step back during Covid and a few years afterwards as my husband went back to university. Now that he is graduating I am in a place where I can focus on photography again but Boudoir feels like a better fit. I am at a stage where my body has changed, it tells a story and I know it is not perfect but it still deserves to be celebrated and the Boudoir experience at Esquisse Intime is centred around celebrating yourself where you are now, not at the next milestone but in the present, it is a form of self care through photography. I am half French and there is a definite inspiration in my approach to Boudoir and beauty from my teenage years in France where you are taught how to simplify beauty by taking an effortless approach to one signature feature and let the rest fall in place so you can be yourself and confident without constraints.


Best piece of advice you were given at the start of your business journey?

You have to keep adapting and be resilient.


What has been your biggest lesson/ challenge faced so far and how did you overcome it?

For me juggling parenting, home life and business building is challenging and I feel like I am constantly falling behind somewhere but the biggest challenge would be that I really tend to find myself isolated and not asking for help or support so I need to grow a network and let myself be vulnerable.


What is your number 1 business tip for success?

Take a breath, set boundaries to avoid burnout and if something feels uncomfortable it is fine to walk away and take a different approach, things will work once you have found your best environment and that is different for everyone just like some flowers grow in houses while others thrive outdoors, not one is better than the other, just different.


What are the big business goals for 2024?

I would love to be in a place where I could consider opening my own studio.


How can the GGC Business membership help?

I am hoping to connect with other members and grow a network and friendships. I used to have this in the world of Birth before and it makes such a difference to grow and bounce ideas or launch projects and collaborations but I feel like I am starting from scratch now and I need to meet people!


What’s the dream?

The dream would be to feel like I have built something I am proud of that gives me some sense of security. I have spent the last few years investing in my other half’s dream and taking care of my family and I would like to have something of my own too because you never know what life will throw at you and you fare better if you have your own resources and outlet to rely on.


Fave mantra to get you buzzed up for business?

The song “Whole wide world “ by Mindy Gledhill and the line “I’m gonna go and take a chance”


Shout out to another local business you admire?

The lovely Gemma and Erika from Love Those Lashes. They have built something special and kept it going through ups and downs, adapted, transformed and created a haven for their clients while also helping and teaching others who want to learn from them.

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