‘Meet The Member’ is our blog series where we get to know the members of our business club a little better. In this post, we catch up with Lisa McCabe, Director of Whole Dog Care

Name – Lisa McCabe

Company – Whole Dog Care

Title – Chief Crazy Dog Lady or Director

About You – Mum to 2 amazing humans and 3 crazy but wonderful dogs and wife to one very annoying husband!
I actually started my career as a housing officer in social housing and then moved on to property management in the private sector.

When we adopted our oldest dog Ziggy, I wanted to spend more time with him, so I set up a dog walking business in 2009 and the rest is history! My 5 years at Uni was worth it LOL.

I’d always approached my work with a holistic perspective, it was all about enriching the lives of the dogs I had the privilege of working with so as my passion for all things natural and holistic grew, my business changed direction.

Outside my business I’m a bit of a fitness fanatic, I love going to the gym, running and hillwalking. I also love, books, music (Indie girl at heart with a bit of Take That thrown in there) films, I love a good crime drama, I’m also a huge Emmerdale fan and very proud of it! Oh food and I’m a huge football fan, something which I seem to have passed on to my kids.

I’m a massive introvert, so find meeting new people equally terrifying and fascinating.

Being a business owner can be lonely, which is why I joined GGC in the hope of tentatively meeting some new like minded friends who don’t mind a socially awkward weirdo joining their gang!

About your Work – My business provides natural and holistic every day and health care solutions for dogs, based around the use of essential oil blends, aromatherapy and holistic healing methods.
Most of us think the first port of call needs to be the vet, however there are many alternatives, which not only ensure we put less toxins into our dog’s bodies but we also save some money and the planet in the process.

Modern medicine of course has it’s place but only as a last resort. Plant based medicine dates back to the ancient Egyptians and as I always say if it was good enough for Cleopatra, then it’s definitely good enough for our dogs.

I also teach owners the art of easy dog massage and energy healing, not only will these methods protect our dog’s health and wellbeing but they increase the bond between us.

Everything I do at Whole Dog Care is about Empowerment, giving dog owners the tools to care for their dogs as naturally as possible.

Whole Dog Care is 100% carbon neutral, not only with the ingredients and packaging used but a tree is planted for every order made, ensuring the future of our planet for generations to come. There is also a donation made to Greyhound Awareness League from every order too, ensuring we give something back and support dogs in need.

Giving back and protecting our planet is something that is extremely important to me.

Business offer for GGC Members – 10% discount on products via the website. If people join the mailing list too, they will also receive 10% off their first order https://www.wholedogcare.co.uk to sign up

Main aims from GGC Membership – Firstly to make some likeminded friends as being a biz owner can be lonely and secondly to reach as many dog owners as possible to empower them to care for their dogs as naturally as possible.

Favourite Quote – “ Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should” Jim Duffy, Entrepreneurial Spark

Favourite Place –  The Beach (particularly Ettrick Bay on the Isle of Bute)

Likes – Flowers, essential oils, smell of freshly cut grass and freshly baked bread, travelling, laughter, the beach, the forest, being up massive hills, books – too many to mention

Dislikes – Climbing up the massive hills, mud, insincere people, being lied to, tomatoes and tomato sauce what weirdo invented that blasphemy!

Who inspires you? – Dogs particularly my Ziggy and Zane boy, despite both having awful starts to life, they’ve taken us at face value, they’ve trusted us and they’ve lived life with us showing us love, loyalty and compassion, which humans would struggle with. I think everyone should be more dog!

My Granny Annie ( she’d kill me for calling her that as she was Annabel but Annie only to us) was a huge inspiration, I actually think she was a dog in human form. Her love, kindness and encouragement knew no bounds and she wasn’t just my Gran she was my mum, best friend and confident all in one. No matter what life threw at her she always made the most of it and she’s where I get my love of the outdoors from. If I’m half the woman she was, I’ll be very happy.

Business wise, I love Zoe Bee, her products are amazing and her business ethic super inspiring.


You can find out more about Whole Dog Care here