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21st May 2024

Meet the Member – Emma Bell, Bespoke by Bell

‘Meet The Member’ is our blog series where we get to know the members of our business club a little better. In this post, we catch up with Emma Bell, Bespoke by Bell


Name, business name:

Emma Bell, owner of Bespoke by Bell.


Tell us about your businesses, the inspiration behind it and when you launched it?

A secondary school teacher for 13 years I began to become all consumed with work. This took a toll on my family and my mental health. Whilst taking some time to recover I fell back in love with my creative side and started making some Christmas items for 2023. I loved the buzz of people’s enthusiasm for what I had made and wanted to push it more and so in 2024  Bespoke by Bell was officially born. With the support of my husband I left education and poured my heart into my business. Bespoke by Bell creates beautiful bespoke pieces to celebrate all seasons, occasions and events. From cake toppers to seating plans to bespoke signage , we love creating pieces personal to each and every customer. We celebrate each season with collections that include gifts and home decor and use a variety of materials including wood and acrylic.


Best piece of advice you were given at the start of your business journey?

Don’t let small fails convince you you’re a failure make them make you a success, learn from them, grow from them, value them.


What has been your biggest lesson/ challenge faced so far and how did you overcome it?

Biggest challenge so far has been driving traffic to me so it’s not just friends and family buying from me. I’ve started looking at social media growth. I’m still in the process of overcoming this and have taken on networking courses and worked really hard to develop my content creation skills.


What is your number 1 business tip for success?

I’m not sure if I have figured it out! I would say that starting a small business and persevering with it takes a lot of time. If I didn’t love it and have so much passion for it I think I would struggle to motivate myself to the extent you need.


What are the big business goals for 2024?

  1. Website
  2. Increase my social media following (I have a number I’m aiming for!)
  3. A growth in sales (again I’ve a target)


How can the GGC Business membership help?

Meeting people who are also striving to make a success of their passion, courses, meet ups.


What’s the dream?

To have my own workshop and to be an established name. I want Bespoke by Bell to keep growing and to be a success.


Fave mantra to get you buzzed up for business?

I’m braver than I think I am


Shout out to another local business you admire?

@nesthandmadeclimbingframes because when I started out they gave me an opportunity to collaborate with them and were so supportive ❤️

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