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17th Dec 2023

Meet the Member – Courtney Cavanagh, Courtney Cavanagh Hair

‘Meet The Member’ is our blog series where we get to know the members of our business club a little better. In this post, we catch up with Courtney Cavanagh, Courtney Cavanagh Hair

Hey my name is Courtney Cavanagh, owner of Courtney Cavanagh Hair established in 2014 and now the proud owner of CC Hair Extensions, my OWN brand of Russian premium quality extensions, brought to you in 2023, ready for all stylists to use in salon


Since I was younger I always knew I wanted to do hair, always cutting fringes for nursery and school photos it was something I was destined to do, always styling and melting dolls hair! My mum was a huge part in where I am now as she was always the person to push me towards my goals and never gave up on me when I wanted to give up on myself, watching how hard she worked for the life we have was something I knew I wanted to do for my own kids.


In the hair industry there is a lot of competition, the scariest thing I’ve ever done was finally taking that leap to become self employed after years of working under other people, the scariest most rewarding thing I’ve ever done!!


My advice is not to compare yourself to what people are doing and where they are with their own paths but to focus on your own goals and dreams, always being positive even on the hard days, you’ll get there when your ready to be there!


My goals for 2024 will be to finally launch my own website with all things CCH, brushes, combs, hair dryers and more and finally teaching what I love!


This group is helping me so much by growing my business and allowing my platform to be much wider than I could imagine.


I’d like to take the time to shout out Jodie at Oceans Hair and beauty in Motherwell for pushing my dreams, supporting me in my journey and helping me any chance she gets.


I am giving all #ggccbusiness members 10% off all treatments


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