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28th Nov 2023

Find your perfect personalised gift box with D’lux this Christmas

🎁 Tell us about D’Lux Gift Box and how your gorgeous brand came to be?

D’lux Gift Box is like the little spark that brightens up faces during tough times! Picture this: it all began in March 2021, right in the middle of the chaos caused by Covid-19. I wanted to sprinkle some happiness by crafting some beautiful gift boxes loaded with personalised messages. It was my way of turning frowns upside down without making anyone empty their pockets. Starting at my kitchen table, the business grew wings and moved to a bigger space to fit more lovely souls into the team.

While the world was figuring out how to survive, D’lux Gift Box spotted an opportunity to spread joy. In just 27 months, we sent out over 8,000 of these crafted-with-love gift boxes, all made from scratch with our small but mighty team. We found these amazing suppliers who offered top-notch goodies at prices that let us keep our boxes affordable. Oh, and we also learned to handle supply hiccups by taking charge of making the boxes ourselves rather than relying on others.

Guess what? People loved what we did! We’re bursting with pride to say we’re one of Etsy’s star sellers, showered with over 970 sparkling five-star reviews. Our little boxes of happiness now reach over 8,000 lovely customers across Europe, America, and Australia. From Etsy to Depop and our own website, we’ve got 87 listings of various sizes to suit everyone’s joy needs!

But hey, we’re not stopping there. Even with tough times knocking on our door with the cost of living crisis, we’re determined to spread even more smiles. Because no matter how hard things get, spreading happiness will always be our thing!


🎁 What is currently your most popular box and why do you think people love it so much?

Our “Hug in a Box” gift box has stolen the show as our top pick! Why? Well, it’s a delightful combo of carefully chosen goodies, a total eye-catcher, and just what folks love! Picture this: a mix of fancy chocolates, gourmet snacks, and luxe spa treats, all in one box. It’s like a jackpot of happiness for anyone, anytime you need a fantastic gift.

And the packaging? Oh, it’s a stunner! Every detail is on point, making it a gift you can’t help but adore. We didn’t just randomly pick stuff either—customer feedback guided us to handpick items that suit everyone’s taste buds. So, it’s not just top-notch quality, but it’s what’s hot and loved by many.

Best part? You save yourself the trouble of hunting down each item separately and wrapping them up. This box is the ultimate time-saver while still being super luxurious. It’s basically the superhero of gift-giving!


🎁 Will you have any promotions over the festive period?

Absolutely! We’re bursting with excitement to share some holiday joy through our fantastic Christmas deals. This season, we’ve put together some incredible offers to make the gift-giving magic extra special for our amazing customers.

Here’s what we’ve got lined up for you:

  • Exclusive Bundle Bonanza: Now, you can grab multiple gift boxes and enjoy extra savings! Buy 5 boxes and snag a free box on us. Just use the code MULTIBUY at checkout.
  • GGC Members’ Treat: To our fabulous GGC Members, here’s a little something special: a 10% discount on all purchases! Simply use the code GGC10 to enjoy the savings.

It’s our way of spreading extra holiday cheer and saying a huge ‘thank you’ to all our incredible customers. Happy shopping and happy holidays! 🎁✨


🎁 We understand all of your boxes are hand packed and come in the perfect little box for your customers. Is there anything you do specifically for Christmas boxes purchase? 


Absolutely! We’ve got fantastic Christmas collections that are all about bringing joy to everyone on your gift list, regardless of age or gender—whether they’re family or dear friends. Plus, we’re offering special Christmas gift wrapping choices and personalised messages to make your presents extra special. And guess what? We’re even throwing in complimentary expedited shipping to make sure your gifts arrive right on time!


🎁 Can you recommend the perfect box for a friend, mum, dad and sibling? 

Absolutely! The ideal gift box is all about tailoring it to what the person loves and needs. It’s not about the price tag but the care put into choosing something special that truly resonates with them. That connection between the giver and receiver is what makes a gift truly amazing. If you’re looking for some fantastic options, we’ve got our limited edition “Christmas Spa Box For Her,” “Christmas Pamper Box For Him,” and the delightful “Christmas Chocolate Gift Box” that could be perfect!

If you want more tips on how to spread that festive joy without ending up with a not-so-great gift, check out our helpful guide on our website here. Happy gifting!

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