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10th Dec 2023

Get your Christmas skin glow with Amaranthine

✨Tell us about Amaranthine and how it came to be?

After dedicating 15 years to the nursing profession, I decided to change direction and study beauty therapy. I had always been interested in skincare, having my own cleanse, tone and moisturise routine from the early age of 13!

However, I hadn’t yet found my niche in the beauty therapy world and ended up working in care again. By chance, a friend told me that she had been making her own natural body butter and shared the recipe with me. I started experimenting with making very simple natural skincare products and found that I really loved it. Because of my training as a nurse, and beauty therapy, it dawned on me that with my background knowledge this could be something more than just a fun hobby.

With encouragement from friends and family, I turned the hobby into a business and embarked on further studies – diplomas in clinical aromatherapy and organic natural skincare formulation, to give myself more knowledge.



✨Tell us more about your gorgeous products?

Our sustainable, luxurious natural skincare products are handmade by myself in small batches in my Glasgow studio. I formulate for all skin types and concerns, including problem skin such as acne prone skin.

Our products are meant to be easily applied to a self-care routine. I believe that a skincare routine should never be a chore, it should be something to look forward to, more like a ritual. An Amaranthine skincare ritual is ‘time out’ from your busy schedule to indulge in some me-time, to be mindful and relax for a few minutes. Aromatherapy therefore plays an important role in my products. Each formula contains a blend of essential oils chosen not only for their scent but for their skin benefits and positive mental effects.

The range includes our best selling and award-winning face oil, cleansing balm, body butter, clay face masks, pregnancy belly oil, lip balms, gift sets and our latest launch – a high performance face cream for combination and sensitive skin. All products are certified cruelty-free and palm oil free.



✨Winter skin vs summer skin what would you recommend to ensure a glow all year round?

To achieve a radiant glow throughout the year, I advise a consistent skincare routine.  This should involve nightly cleansing, irrespective of whether make-up has been worn or not. Post-cleansing, I suggest applying a lightweight face oil for overnight rejuvenation. During the day, opt for a moisturiser followed by SPF protection. Personally, I swear by integrating a regular clay face mask into your routine all year long for its numerous benefits.

For winter skincare, I don’t believe your skincare regimen needs a massive overhaul. However, if your usual moisturiser feels insufficient, consider switching to a richer one to combat dryness. Introducing a nourishing face oil into your evening routine can work wonders for your skin’s hydration. Consider also switching to a creamy, cleansing balm if not using this type of cleanser already. An oil based cleansing balm is a really effective cleanser, leaving the skin feeling soft and moisturised. Unlike harsher cleansers, it won’t disrupt the skin barrier and strip away the skin’s own natural oils. While exfoliation remains essential, especially in winter, I prefer the gentle exfoliating properties found in clay face masks over harsher scrubs.



✨Can you talk to us about the beneficial ingredients you use in your products?

I use premium raw, cold-pressed botanical oils and plant butters in my products. These rich ingredients are packed with diverse omega fatty acids, working wonders to moisturise, hydrate, reduce inflammation, and protect the skin barrier. The essential oils I use don’t just offer skin benefits but can also affect mood and help you relax.


In our latest release, the Superactive Day Cream, I’ve integrated high-performance active ingredients. For instance, I’ve harnessed the power of Centella asiatica, an ancient herb known for its anti-aging and healing properties, alongside skin barrier-protecting prebiotics. What’s even more exciting is our use of upcycled ingredients sourced from industries like juicing and beer making, adding an innovative and sustainable touch to our formulations!



✨Why do you not use palm oil in its products?

Virgin tropical rainforests are vanishing at an alarming rate due to the expansion of lucrative palm oil plantations. The impact is catastrophic. Countless wildlife species, including the Orangutan, Sumatran tigers, and rhinos, are on the brink of extinction. Shockingly, the Orangutan has already lost 90% of its rainforest habitat and faces active threats from the palm oil industry.


This devastation doesn’t stop with wildlife; it deeply affects human lives too. Indigenous communities are uprooted and persecuted, while locals endure exploitation as a source of cheap labour. Deforestation spurs the release of copious greenhouse gases, exacerbating climate change. Widespread forest fires further contribute to air pollution.


Palm oil’s demand is skyrocketing. It can be found in roughly half of all packaged supermarket foods and serves as a key foaming agent in countless personal care products, from shampoos to soaps. Derivatives of palm oil are found in many cosmetic products, spanning lipstick to face cream.


Personally, I refuse to contribute to this damaging cycle. I want to shed light on this issue by taking a stand against palm oil. It’s a cause close to my heart, and I’m immensely proud that my small skincare company is the world’s first to achieve a Palm Oil Free Certification Trademark.



✨What is a skin care tip you think more people should know?

Don’t forget your neck! Follow the exact same skincare routine for your neck as you do on your face, every single day.


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