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In this blog post we catch up with the fabulous Laura Hamilton, founder of Just Dive and GGC business member to find out more about her brand, why scuba diving is great for mind, body and soul and to catch up on the mermaid event she has planned for members of the GGC community on the 25th September…

Laura tell us about life before you launched Just Dive?

I was a very successful (yet somehow unhappy) sales & marketing Manager. I worked for a variety of companies selling marketing and sales for various things and gosh I was bored, listless and had plenty money coming in but was unfulfilled. I knew there had to be more to life than I was living at the time.. I had tried diving when a teen and in my late 20’s I went back – taking a 6 weeks hols to Australia that ended in 6 months and with me becoming a diver! I knew then, I had found my passion!

When did you launch Just Dive and tell us about what you offer?

Just Dive was launched in 2020 *I know, good timing, right* lol! And so, the first couple years were me waiting for lockdown to end! Now, when it ended – the not for profit really started to take off. We offer accessible to all Scuba Diving courses, experiences and training. As well as Scuba Birthday parties, team building and corporate team events. We also offer Mermaid courses, experiences, birthday parties, and snorkelling training. We also have started offering swimming lessons! So, we really are a one stop shop for all your water needs. We also provide delivered Water Safety training to schools, organisations, and other charities. We work hard to help minimise the amounts of drownings and fatal accidents at source. Young people and older folks all need to be fully safety trained and know how to do CPR and, how to use a defibrillator! We make all our offerings, affordable and fun!

You pride yourself on being accessible to all and in fact when launching you were the only scuba school to offer kids programs is that right?

That’s correct, we don’t know of any other local dive organisation that offers what we do to kids as young as 5!! We work with those with autism, downs, ADHD, poor mental or physical heath and we positively impact on their lives in ways we just didn’t know!

Tell us about the mental and physical health benefits that comes with scuba and mermaid diving?

Where do I start with this? So, scuba diving provides a highly therapeutic environment. It is quiet *the water muffling sounds* and the breathing in and out of the air allows for a meditative, calming effect on the central nervous system. The bubbles produced whilst exhaling is also relaxing and calming. Breathing compressed air also helps physiologically, with the exchange of gases at the lungs improving respiratory systems and then intake of oxygen vital to red blood cells. This also physically tires the body, so at the end of a dive, or session – your body internally is relaxed, ready for rest and more peaceful. Things I think we could all benefit from right now! Mermaiding is also a massively beneficial activity, again the water and the compression is providing mimics weighted blankets – the quiet. In Mermaiding what we do is also provide training about free diving, apnoea and breath holding, all of which (In a different way from scuba but still massively important) helps to relax the lungs and improve on things like peak flow performance. Freediving *which mermaiding essentially is* is a physical activity that also requires mindfulness and oh yes – FUN!! Both of these activities are also MASSIVE fun – so, whilst you’re gaining all these astonishing benefits – you’re having a blast! We have adults remembering what it feels like to be 9 again in our sessions and telling us, this has relieved so much of the pressure they were under. As many, many have told us – whilst taking part in either or – they don’t have any awareness of the stresses that were irking them right until they got into the pool! I relate, when I enter the pool and put on the fins or mermaid tails – my cares and worries, they just …. Disappear.

Now, don’t get me wrong – they are waiting for me again in the carpark! However, for that spell, that brain relief – it’s something we all need in our lives!

What do you find to be most popular at the moment?

Surprisingly Scuba diving – I was sure Mermaid would be the most popular – and it is for a certain age group – but for those outside that, it seems they’re not aware of us yet – so I don’t think that it’s that they prefer Scuba – it’s just a great many folks still don’t even know what Mermaiding is!

Tell us about the event on the 25th September and what the ladies who sign up to it can expect from it?

Ok, so thrilled to host this event for the ladies. We will be meeting at the Time Capsule, I bring EVERYTHING, the ladies, literally must bring a swimming costume, and towel and of course normal swimming stuff, like shampoo! Lol! We firstly do some fun things, like ducking heads underwater and then handstands! We then progress onto using Mask, fins, and snorkels so they will be shown how to use these items and then we do some fun swimming with them on! Handstands again! Over the course of two hours – we then progress onto a monofin *one where both feet are together* this is a progression, and we take our time with this! Then, off for trying to ‘dolphin’ swim! And then finally – TAILS!! We get to pick and then don our most amazing tails!

This is when I bring the go pro into full effect and we get footage of these spectacular mermaids!! We also have a shipwreck and maybe, just maaayyybbbbee there’s some pirate treasure in there?

I also bring along my handmade ocean themed jewellery and beach art so ladies can see if there’s a wee momento they’d like to take away and an obligatory Mermaid secret handshake and photo in front of the backdrop!

Tickets cost £40, GGC website members save 10% taking the cost to £36. To redeem this offer email:

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